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Try 'n Cry
Sicily is an ancient land where the first expressions of society appeared, more than two thousands years ago. Through the ages the Greek and the Latin worlds shaped this region and left culture, arts and laws; but left also something darker and deeper, an evil which was not recognized or fighted by the next great dominations of the island.
Thus, the ancient stories became Myth; the Myth became Legends, and at the end these legends were forgotten.
But, the deeply-rooted Evil is still alive and waiting.

Try 'n Cry - The Prologue

In 1927, a man – Andrew Miller – decides to discover what happened to his brother Mason, which – the year before – has been involved in some kind of dark rituals, based on ancient regional legends. So, he leaves England and travels to Sicily, where starts to investigate in order to follow his brother’s path.

After a few months – December 1926 – Andrew locates his brother, horribly dead while trying to solve some kind of strange enigma inside an old sicilian castle. It is clear that Mason was not killed by any mechanism or any human creature, but some kind of evil Force raged him. So, Andrew chooses to continue his investigation in order to clear Sicily from this Curse, so that no one else has to die anymore….

Try 'n Cry - Episode 1

Several decades have passed since the events of the Prologue. Now – 2021 – an inexplicable and terrible family tragedy forces a professor of Physics to personally investigate about the crime instigator. And what he is going to discover will strongly undermine his rational mindset, so that he will struggle to preserve his sanity in order to find the truth behind this disturbing world.